Riot Forge FAQ

July 21, 2022
Gina Tavarozzo

Who is Riot Forge? 

Riot Forge is a player- and developer-focused publisher; our mission is to bring awesome new League of Legends games to players by partnering with experienced and talented developers from around the world.

The League Universe and its champions offer limitless possibilities; by supporting and empowering passionate partners to tell their own stories and expand the League world, we’ll deliver a variety of bespoke games that enable players of all types to experience League in new and exciting ways.

How is Riot Forge different from Riot Games?

Riot Forge is a publishing label within Riot Games that complements Riot’s research and development program. Our focus is to work with experienced studios outside of Riot Games to create bespoke “completable” League of Legends games. These games will be created and developed by our partner studios and published by Riot Forge. Each game we release will expand the League of Legends universe and allow players to experience League like never before.

Is Riot Forge releasing new games from Riot Games?

Riot Forge partners with third-party development studios to publish new games set within the League of Legends Universe. By working hand-in-hand with our partners, Riot Forge ensures that these new games expand upon the League of Legends universe while staying true to what our fans know and love.

Which platforms will Riot Forge games release on?

Our games will go wherever players are playing, including: PC, Console and Mobile. We want to make sure our games are as accessible as possible, but not every game will be released on all platforms. We aim to ensure that each of our games is designed with the right platform in mind for the best possible player experience.

How does Riot Forge work with developers?

We empower our partner studios and enable them to find their own voice within the League of Legends universe. We guide them through the wealth of knowledge built over the last 10 years and help them stay true to League lore or advance it, by finding their own space to tell their story and re-imagine League in their own style.

Throughout the journey, we’ll provide any support from QA, localization, voice-overs, research, marketing, and more, to help get the game into the hands of players and deliver an experience any League fan or otherwise will appreciate and enjoy.